Situated approximately 240 kilometres north of Tongatapu, the Vava'u Island Group is a smattering of 50-odd islands, in an area 23 by 25 kilometres, protected by a semi-circular reef. The islands are separated by reefs or open water, but are not great paddling distances apart.

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Situated approximately halfway between Vava'u and Tongatapu, the Ha'apai Islands are everything you might imagine of a tropical island paradise.

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The Yasawa Island Group consists of six main volcanic islands and numerous islets. The 80-kilometre long archipelago lies 40 kilometres northwest of Lautoka on Viti Levu. Mountainous islands, aqua water and white sandy beaches form the dramatic backdrop in the adventure romance, Blue Lagoon, filmed on location in areas of the Yasawas. There are no stores or banks here; only villages and a few small resorts.