Ha'apai - Tonga

Situated approximately halfway between Vava'u and Tongatapu, the Ha'apai Islands are everything you might imagine of a tropical island paradise.

Ha'apai is a top 10 travel region according to Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014 guide. Get there with Friendly Islands Kayak Company before word gets out!

"Calling all non-campers! Escape 'phone, TV, cars. Paddle, hike, snorkel by day. Sleep to the sound of lapping waves just metres from your private fale by night."

  • Ha'apai Islands, Tonga
  • 7-Day Package
  • 3 Days Kayaking
  • 1 Day Whale Watching (Jul - Oct) / Sightseeing Boat Tour (Nov - Jun)
  • Snorkelling
  • 4 Nights Eco-Resort Accommodation
  • 2 Nights Guest House Accommodation
  • Grade: Easy-Moderate

"One of the 25 greatest adventures in the world for 2004!" - National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Nov-2003

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  • Ha'apai Islands, Tonga
  • 11-Day Package
  • 8 Days Kayaking
  • 8 Nights Camping
  • Snorkelling
  • 2 Nights Guest House Accommodation
  • Grade: Moderate+